Thursday, March 10, 2011


Dear Birth Parent(s),
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves. We know that this is a difficult time in your life and we cannot even begin to understand the physical and emotional trials that you are going though right now. We are humbled by your selfless decision to consider adoption. We look at you with deep honor, love and respect. It takes a special kind of person to be in your position and we look up to you for being so incredible. Whatever your decision may be, we pray that you find peace in your decision.
Our story began in 2006 when Bryan and Lacey met through a mutual friend. It was love at first sight. We were engaged three weeks later on Christmas Eve, and married in April of 2007. Our beautiful baby girl, Hylind Louise, was born December 13, 2007. We lived in Idaho for the first three years of our marriage and relocated in February 2010 to North Dakota for the Air Force. Family means everything to us. We come from two very close families. Our two families spend holidays together, go to dinner together, and call one another frequently on the phone. Our separate families have become one large family and we are so blessed to have such an amazing, supportive family.

  Bryan is a military police officer of the United States Air Force. He is an incredible, unselfish man who would give his life to protect a stranger. He is protective, honest, and truly has a heart of gold. He works long hours, but puts forth ALL of his spare time to be with his wife and daughter.  He is a true hero to his friends, family, and anyone he comes in contact with.

  Lacey recently graduated with her associates in business and is currently getting her bachelor’s in health administration. She works part-time as a nurse at Trinity Hospital and cares for medically ill patients. Her entire world revolves around her daughter and her husband. Though she has a busy schedule, she is fantastic at multitasking and providing a time and place for everything that needs to be done. She seems to be able to get everything done with time to spare!

  When we found out we were pregnant with Hylind, we couldn’t have been more surprised or more overjoyed. We were told we could not have children, but Hylind was destined to come! My pregnancy was very difficult, and we ran into quite a few problems. After 9 months of difficulty and 42 PAINFUL hours of labor, we had our beautiful baby girl.

  Hylind is now three years old and is the spitting image of her father. With her blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she will melt anyone’s heart. She is compassionate, playful, and understands emotion. In October, she received a “God Brother” and LOVED to hold him, feed him, change his diaper, and sing to him. She loves infants and other toddlers and already has the mothering instinct. She is truly a “princess”. With a room full of dress up toys, make up, and girlie outfits, she knows how to make her mom and dad smile with the dancing in tutus and eye lash batting with makeup all over her face. She has such a special spirit and we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful baby girl.

  When Lacey was 19 years old, she was diagnosed with endometriosis. This is a uterine condition where endometrial tissue (tissue shed in menstruation) grows outside of the uterus. Symptoms are: irregular menstruation, severe pelvic pain, and infertility. There are four stages of endometriosis and Lacey is unfortunate to have stage four. Hylind is our miracle baby and we have been told by our specialists to not expect another miracle. Since Hylind was born, we as a family have experienced four miscarriages. Each miscarriage has brought us a little closer to reality that what our doctors have been telling us may be true. We have an empty space in our family that is yearning to be filled, and it is excruciating to know it cannot be filled. This is where you come into our lives.

  You have the opportunity to give us our miracle, and in return we want the chance to do the same for you. We are committed to having a trusting relationship, one that is beneficial for the child, birth family and us. We look forward to getting to know you and building a relationship of love and trust. We are open to discussing how we would communicate whether it’s through emails, phone calls, or letter and pictures. We understand the importance that the child that we adopt has every opportunity to understand their heritage, background, and how much they are loved by their birth family. We understand how difficult it must be to give up a child and do not want to deprive you of the right to know who he or she is.  We sincerely wish the best for you and your baby regardless of what your decision may be. Please feel free to contact us if you have ANY questions. Thank you!

With love,   Bryan, Lacey, and Hylind